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Macrotec designs and manufactures a range of high-quality Incinerators for General Waste, Hazardous Waste, Animal Carcasses, and Medical Waste.

Lowest Emissions: Our Incinerators are designed to reduce emissions by controlling the rate of combustion in a three chamber process and by capturing Particulate Matter in a settling chamber, resulting in industry leading low emissions.

Highest Quality: Macrotec is certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, and strive to achieve the highest quality products and services. Our Incinerators are designed to operate in the harshest conditions, with few moving parts and minimal maintenance required, making MacroBurn Incinerators extremely reliable.

Filtration to EU standards: Macrotec Incinerator plants with Filtration are designed for the absolute minimal emissions while maintaining reliability and Engineering Simplicity.



Modern society produces a massive amount of waste on a daily basis, of which a large part is hazardous and cannot be disposed of using conventional treatment. Incineration is therefor used to destroy pathogens and toxins while reducing the waste content by about 95%.

The incineration process combusts the waste at a high temperature, forming ash, flue gas and heat. To ensure a low environmental impact, combustion has to be carefully regulated to ensure all organic compounds are completely combusted, with modern plants also including filtration systems to neutralise and adsorb compounds that cannot be combusted, and filter out particulate matter.

Today companies and governments are moving more towards recovering the waste heat from the process, to generate hot water, steam and electricity, in what is called waste-to-energy plants. The benefit with these plants are that energy is produced using flue gas from a critical service that would have already entered the atmosphere, thus no additional carbon dioxide is produced.

Typical Uses

Macrotec manufactures Incinerator models for the following uses:

  • General Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Mining Waste
  • Camp Waste
  • Animal Carcasses
  • Contraband
  • Plastic
  • Waste Water


Macrotec Incinerators are designed for where Quality meets Simplicity, resulting in industry leading Reliability. Through extensive Research and Development, Macrotec has developed the highest standard of technology available.

Macrotec’s stand-alone Incinerators offers an efficient way to dispose of a wide range of wastes while reducing the environmental impact. Incinerators have been designed to reduce every possible threat to the environment, while providing a reliable and cost effective solution. We make use of advanced designs in our combustion plant, which regulates the combustion rate, temperature in the different chambers, turbulence, gas velocities and supply of oxygen.

Refractory & Insulation:

Each Incinerator is manufactured using duel layers of Refractory and Insulation Castable, forming a single monolithic structure of extreme strength and durability, with a service temperature of up to 1,500°C, Cold Crushing Strength of 110Mpa, and expected lifetime of over 15 years. Heat loss is extremely low, with a thermal conductivity of only 0.2 W/mK, ensuring high energy efficiency.

PLC Panels:

Our PLC’ provide full automation, leaving zero room for operator error. It adds a large HMI screen that displays the status of all components, and creates the ability for remote monitoring and troubleshooting assistance by Macrotec technicians.

Auto Feeders: Models from a V100 upwards can be fitted with an Auto-Feeder, which underfeeds waste into the Incinerator. This greatly increases the Safety of the operator, and prevents over feeding or underutilisation of the Incinerator, as feeding is completely automated. A beneficial side-effect is higher efficiency and fuel savings.

Pre-Heated Combustion Air:

The system is designed to recover heat from waste gasses, increasing Fuel Efficiency and ensuring complete combustion due to more stable high temperatures, with decreased fuel usage resulting in a faster ROI.

Containerised Solution: Macrotec also offers complete Containerised Solutions for all models up to our V100. The Incinerator is completely pre-installed, with minimal site-work required. The container is also shipping legal, and is the optimal solution for remote areas. Safety features also include a fire valve, normally closed valve, fire insulation, diesel run-off and an industrial extraction fan.

Scrubbing & Filtration:

Incinerators can be fitted with a dry gas scrubber to reduce acid gasses. Alternatively, Macrotec offers complete plants with the latest emission prevention technology to comply with EU Regulations.

Optional Upgrades

  • Auto Feeder
  • Pre-Heated Combustion Air
  • 3CR12 Chimneys
  • PLC Control Panel
  • Acid Gas Scrubber
  • Containerised Solution
  • Emission Monitoring
  • Auto de-ashing


Our containerised incinerators makes it extremely easy and cost effective to transport and install equipment in remote areas, or where there is no existing building. Each incinerator is completely pre-installed in 20ft GP container, including electrical wiring, components, lights, and extractor fans, with only power to be connected and chimney erected, with minimal civil work required. Fuel is supplied from an externally mounted fuel tank which is quickly erected, to ensure safe operating conditions.

In areas with unreliable or no power, units are available with generators also pre-installed as an additional option.

Safety is paramount, with the following features included

  • Fuel supply conforming to BS EN746-2.
  • Diesel run-off below burners.
  • Industrial extractor fans.


* Figures are estimates based on past experience and general composition, density and calorific values of the selected wastes. Actual capacities will differ from site to site and is dependent on the actual composition, density and calorific value of the waste. 



Due to the increasing concern of emissions and the impact people have on the environment, Macrotec has designed Incinerator Plants to help improve the environment we live in. Our solution provides a way to dispose of waste while negating harmful emissions, complying with both South African and EU regulations.



Macrotec designs and manufactures equipment with Reliability in mind. We understand that you’re most important requirement is minimum downtime, and thus we strive to ensure our machines require less maintenance, that is easy to perform, with extremely high Reliability of all parts.

Dry Gas Scrubbing:

Dry Scrubbers use no water, with the dosing agent injected directly into the air stream for optimal removal of Acid Gasses. This results in a very high removal efficiency, and no water contamination that Wet Scrubbers cause. Operating costs are also significantly lower, due to now water use, and minimal power requirements.

Ceramic Filtration:

Ceramic Filters have consistently achieved the highest removal efficiency of any technology, and form a perfect relationship with dry scrubbing, due to higher temperature and gas velocity resistance. Due to the higher temperature resistance, Gas Scrubbing becomes much more efficient, with lower maintenance due to the high maintenance cost (and failure) of conventional bag house filters.


CO: Carbon Monoxide is reduced the by controlling the rate of combustion and ensuring complete combustion. This is achieved using a 2 chamber process with temperatures between 850°C and 1,100°C, high turbulence and long retention times.

NOx: Oxides of Nitrogen are reduces using modern burners and controlling input of air and temperature to ensure low NOx formation. Residue NOx is removed by the gas scrubber.

SO₂, HCl and HF: Acid gasses are reduced using our proprietary gas scrubber. Gasses are scrubbed in two stages; firstly preventing their formation in the Incinerator, and then “polishing gas” by removing the final constituents in during the filtration process. Our gas scrubber is completely dry, using no water, resulting in no pollutant water, or any water usage.

Heavy Metals and Dioxins: Heavy metals, along with Dioxins and Furans are scrubbed from flue gasses using an adsorbent. A dry scrubber is used, resulting in no water use and no impact on the environment.

Particle Matter: Particle matter is removed using a Ceramic Filtration Plant, which removes over 98% of particle matter.

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