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Waste ⋅ Energy ⋅ Filtration 

Engineering and Monitoring of Process Equipment

Macrotec Products

At Macrotec our focus is on innovating and designing solutions for industries such as waste management, product recovery, mining, and crematoria. Our aim is to reduce emissions, improve operating efficiencies, and increase reliability, with a focus on high temperature process equipment.

Our products include furnaces, such as Incinerators, Cremators, Biomass Furnaces, Carbon Fines Furnaces, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, along with Burners and Burner Management Systems. For Air Pollution Abatement we provide Dry Gas Scrubbing, Bag Filters, and Ceramic Filters. We also provide various Heat Recovery and Hot Water Systems. For Monitoring, we provide speciality Instrumentation, Flue Gas Analysers, and Remote Monitoring solutions.

Our incinerators are designed with a focus on hazardous and animal wastes, such as medical, biological, mining, and pharmaceutical waste.

Our cremators have been designed with high reliability, fuel efficiency, and industry leading low emissions.

Our high temperature filtration systems use ceramic filter elements for the highest removal efficiencies, easy maintenance, and the highest available operating temperatures.

Our answer to recovering gold from spent and fine activated carbon particles.

Retrofit your existing diesel, gas, or coal boiler with a biomass boiler furnace and switch to biomass fuels such as woodchips, corn husks, or oats hulls.

We design and manufacture a range of Quality hot water tanks, for use with heat pumps, electrical elements, steam, and waste heat.

We supply, install, and maintain Diesel, HFO, LPG, Natural Gas Burners, Waste Oil, Dual Fuel burners & burner spares, along with Burner Management Systems.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), with cutting-edge Flow Measurement Instruments and Combustion Analysers.

With over 40 years in business, we have units operating on 6 continents, from highly developed countries to remote locations. 

Macrotec Services

We provide various Engineering, Maintenance, and Site Services, which include full process, chemical, mechanical, and electromechanical design. Services also include draughting, site implementation, operation, and maintenance.

  • Equipment & Plantroom monitoring
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)
  • Combustion optimization
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Equipment operation, monitoring & maintenance
  • Furnace design
  • Heat exchanger design and selection
  • Heat transfer engineering
  • Heat recovery solutions
  • Stack (chimney, flue gas stack) design
  • Plantroom & Factory design
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Steam line design

Instrumentation, Burners, and Spares

We have partnered with premier manufacturers to supply you with the necessary components to power your process.

CO2 Sensor

Carbon Dioxide Sensors

We supply Carbon Dioxide sensors, with options for low power, ultra fast response time, and wide ranges up to 100%.

Level Sensor

Level Switches and Sensors

Our range of level switches and sensors
include different measuring techniques, including capacitive, guided wave radar
or hydrostatic level measurement, as well as optical solid state level switches.

Oxygen Analyser/Sensor

Oxygen Analysers

Our range includes Zirconia Oxygen sensors and analysers, as well as Optical Oxygen sensors, for boilers, furnaces, transportation, and ventilators.

Incinerator Thermocouple


We supply a wide range of thermocouples and
temperature sensors, including Type K, N, R, and S thermocouples and Pt1000 sensors. 

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Sensors

For a wide range and applications, from -1 to 600bar for various industrial applications, including corrosive flue gas environments and in air-conditioning and refrigerating technology where aggressive coolants are used. 

Flow Meter

Flow meters

Our range of flow meters covers different
measuring techniques and are used for a variety of media, including water, fuels, oils, coolants, air, and compressed air.