Incinerator Development: The Role of SolidWorks at Macrotec


In today’s rapidly evolving world of engineering and technology, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software has become a fundamental tool for innovation and product development. Macrotec has used CAD software, specifically SolidWorks, to play a pivotal role in revolutionizing our incinerator designs and our overall Research and Development (R&D) endeavours.

The Integration of SolidWorks at Macrotec

Macrotec recognized that adopting 3D CAD software would greatly assist in conceptualization, planning, modelling, manufacturing, marketing and R&D. Macrotec has recently moved over to SolidWorks with the assistance of MECAD Systems. Solidworks is a powerful and versatile tool, known for its intuitive interface and robust parametric modelling capabilities. It has provided Macrotec’s Design team with a comprehensive platform to ensure continual improvement of our incinerators, cremators and various other products.

Streamlined Design Process

One of the primary advantages of SolidWorks for Macrotec was the ability to streamline our design process. Traditional methods involved countless hours of manual drafting and prototyping, which often resulted in time and resource inefficiencies. 

3D CAD Software - Macrotec

3D CAD software eliminated these bottlenecks by allowing our design engineers to create detailed 3D models and assemblies digitally, significantly reducing design iterations and errors. By identifying design flaws early in the process, we could avoid costly rework and reduce material wastage. Additionally, the software allowed us to optimize component sizes and configurations, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective incinerators.

Improved Collaboration

SolidWorks also facilitated enhanced collaboration among Macrotec’s R&D team members. With the Product Data Management (PDM) software, Solidworks PDM, our design engineers can now work simultaneously on the same project, thereby accelerating the design phase. This real-time collaboration not only saved time, but also encouraged cross-functional knowledge sharing, leading to more consistent designs and standardisation of our products.


SolidWorks Visualise rendering software has improved the marketing division. It’s a vital aspect of our website’s design, ensuring fast loading times and high-quality visuals for an engaging user experience. Through optimized rendering, we provide visitors with efficient access to information and an aesthetically pleasing interface, enhancing the overall appeal of our site.

Rendering - Macrotec

The Impact on Macrotec’s Incinerator Technology

The integration of SolidWorks into Macrotec has had a profound impact on our incinerator technology. The improved accuracy of our designs and manufacturing drawings have led to the development of higher manufacturing standards for the construction of our incinerators and other machines. These systems not only comply with stringent emission regulations but also offer improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

SolidWorks has enabled Macrotec to create different variations of our incinerator solutions tailored to specific client needs. This flexibility has opened up new opportunities in various industries, from waste management to medical waste disposal and beyond.

Macrotec is a testament to how CAD software has transformed the landscape of incinerator development and research. Through streamlined design processes, improved collaboration and cost-effective solutions, Macrotec has emerged as a leader in sustainable incinerator technology.

Author: Devon Shepherd
Mechanical Engineer @ Macrotec