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Ammunition Incinerator

MacroBurn Ammunition Incinerator

Macrotec’s Cartridge Destructor also known as an ammunition incinerator allows for the safe, controlled disposal of a wide variety of ammunition cartridges.

The ammunition is loaded in batches into the chamber, which will then be heated past the auto-ignition temperature of the rounds to set them off.

  • Batch loaded design
  • Quick turnaround time between batches
  • Feeding to occur from behind a firewall
    • (Firewall not included)
  • 2m³ chamber volume
  • Power input – 32Amp, 230V, 50Hz
  • Fuel: Light oil
  • Strictly for disposal of ammunition rounds, not explosives
  • Weight: 3700kg
  • Includes replaceable wear plates
Cremulator Rendering


The robust design of the shell and doubling-back entries into the chamber will ensure that no stray shrapnel can escape. The unloading mechanism allows for easy emptying of the remains once the process is complete.