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Nous fournissons, installons et fournir solutions complètes d’ingénieriepour les systèmes de surveillance des processus et des conditions. Cela comprend une large gamme de Capteurs de processus, capteurs de position, capteurs de gaz de combustion, de gaz de combustion, d’instruments de maintenance conditionnelle et de passerelles industrielles..

Capteurs de processus

Capteurs de pression

Clearly indicate the acceptable ranges: programmable red/green display
The process connection can be rotated for optimum alignment
Intuitive, user-friendly handling
Clearly visible indication of the switching status
Permanently legible laser type label

Capteurs de niveau

Programmable switch-on and switch-off points with window function
Units with scalable analogue output and additional overflow alarm
Clearly visible LED display
Level and temperature monitoring with just one unit
Optional: two configurable switching outputs for leakage detection

Détecteurs de niveau de liquide

Industrial glass range of liquid level switches
Used in high pressure, high temperature, aggressive environments
Industrial supply voltages and outputs
Infra-red LED and phototransistor
Can detect the presence or absence of almost any liquid type

Capteurs de débit

Integrated temperature measurement
Rotatable multi-colour display
The process connection can be rotated for optimum alignment
Red/green colour change for process values
Can be used for water with and without conductivity (deionised water)

Capteurs de température

Clearly visible LED display
Very short response time
User-friendly communication via IO-Link
Probe lengths of 30...350 mm
Hygienic and robust design

Surveillance conditionnelle

Capteurs de vibrations

Analogue and wireless vibration transmitters
Intelligent IO-Link vibration sensors
Easy switch point setting, integrated display or IO-Link
Intelligent characteristic value calculation directly in the sensor
Easy connection without additional diagnostic software

Capteurs de gaz de combustion

Capteurs optiques d’oxygène

Provides low power operation
Temperature and barometric pressure compensation
No signal conditioning circuitry is required
100% RoHS compliant
Oxygen concentration (O2%) value

Sondes à oxygène en zircone

Available in three lengths
Unique closed loop measurement system
Continuously measures the oxygen level
Immediate warning of any failures.
Non-depleting sensor cell technology

Capteurs de dioxyde de carbone

Ultra-low power, low profile CO₂ sensor
Runs on a compact battery
Half the power consumption of the best-in-class competing CO₂ sensors
Designed for building control
Can be integrated into battery operated wearable technology.

Surveillance des gaz de combustion

Analyseurs portatifs

4" display for better readability and more information
Menu design with many graphical displays
Illuminated condensate separator with optional water stop
Easy connection of Bluetooth™ printer and MRU4u App
Pressure measurement up to ± 300 mbar
Temperature measurement
Leakage testing on gas pipes
Gas flow velocity and flow rate
NOx measurement

Analyseurs portables

Very compact and extremely rugged gas analyser
Fully equipped for all adjustment and monitoring tasks at combustions
Intuitively and comfortable to use
Longlife Oxygen (O2)-Sensor (0 … 21%)
CO-Sensor (0 … 4.000/overload 10.000 ppm)

Surveillance des poussières

A low-cost Triboelectric Dust Monitoring
Well-proven technology providing accurate and rapid results
Triboelectric sensor technology
Measure mass particulate concentration
Built-in display for viewing live sensor data

Analyse industrielle stationnaire

ZrO2 sensor for wet O2 analysis up to 600°C flue gas temperature
Solid electrolyte sensor for combustibles measurement
Compact probe with flow guidance (hollow) tube
High temperature application up to 1.000 °C
Rugged industrial plug for power supply and data transfer

Systèmes de surveillance continue des émissions

Easy to maintain
High availability due to easy and quick replacement of modules
Cold/dry extractive analyzer system certified
Plug-and-play analyzer module with 24 V power supply
Control unit for displaying all measured values and status information