This week we have spent some time updating the CFD analysis for some of our products, focusing on our Incinerators and Cremators.

CFD is short for Computational Fluid Dynamics, and is a mathematical flow modelling tool used by engineers to simulate fluid flow through a pre-defined space. It allows the engineer to identify undesired dead spots and shortcuts within a system, analyse the interaction of fluids and gasses with surfaces, and to test various possible solutions. Multiple solutions to a flow problem can be tested and compared in order to optimize a design.

Macrotec uses CFD to compute various theoretical solutions to issues we experience, getting feedback from our clients, technicians, engineers and our own tests. After modelling various solutions using CFD, we test the most promising designs in test machines to measure the effectiveness before implementing them in our products.

By using CFD software, we are able to dramatically improve the performance of our equipment as we are able to run dozens of possible solutions in a very short period before doing real life tests with only the most promising solutions.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (Macrotec)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (Macrotec)

Macrotec is heavily investing in CDF software and analysis to improve flow characteristics in our products, including our Incinerators, Cremators, Gold Recovery, Heat Exchangers, and Filtration units, helping reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.