Incinerator service and maintenance in Ermelo, Mpumalanga province South Africa.

Our technicians have recently completed the service and maintenance of a non-functioning 30-year-old MacroBurn V100 incinerator unit located in the town of Ermelo, Mpumalanga province South Africa.

The following work was undertaken and the unit was fully restored: 

  • Removed old non-functioning Burners system.
  • Supplied and installed two new burners with all necessary control mechanisms and fuel/air mixers.  The new burners are multi-stage diesel fixed with On/Off controls & flame monitoring systems. Burners also included auto shutdown capability.
  • Replaced internal incinerator refractory material to a high-quality specification.
  • Cleaned and prepared incinerator for painting.
  • Painted with high heat resistant corrosion protection paint.
  • Supplied all required accessories for daily operation.

Below, use the slider to view the before and after comparison image of the V100 unit.  

Old Non Working IncineratorOld Model MacroBurn V100 Incinerator Refurbished