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Hot Water Tanks

Macrotec designs and manufactures a range of High Quality Vessels for hot water storage, for use with heat pumps, electrical elements, steam, and waste heat.

Making use of the highest Quality material, our standard range of vessels are all rated at 600kPa and up to 95°C. All pressure vessels are supplied with a datapack containing the material certificates, welding certificates, and quality protocols followed. Third party testing and verification is available upon request

Custom designed vessels are also available, with Macrotec doing a complete design to the required specifications.

SANS 347: All vessels are categorized and inspected according to SANS 347.

ASME VIII Division 1: All our vessels are designed in strict accordance with the pressure vessel standard ASME VIII Division 1 to ensure global compliance of our design, and the highest safety requirements.

ASME IX: Macrotec welding procedures and welders are certified to ASME IX, to ensure the highest level of Quality during manufacturing.

Hot Water Vessels


Hot water vessels, also known as tanks or boilers, are used in the generation and storage of hot water. Hot water is not only generated for bathrooms and kitchens, but for laundries, high temperature cleaning, wood drying, green houses, central heating and various industrial processes.

This is due to water being a good heat storage medium. Water has a high heating capacity, is easy to generate and store, non-toxic, and less dangerous than other storage methods. When efficiently insulated heat losses will also be minimal.

Our vessels are used in various types of installations, most commonly in one of the following:

Heat Pumps:
Our vessels are used as a hot water storage tank, with the Heat Pump producing the hot water. Our pressure vessels have been designed in collaboration with major Heat Pump distributors to ensure the ideal installation can be made. Back-up elements are also available, as are electrical panels to regulate the heat pump and back-up elements.

Calorifier with Electrical Elements:
Our vessel is equipped with elements to generate hot water, independent of any external hot water source.

Calorifier with Steam Bundle:
In these installations a steam bundle is used in place of electrical elements, with steam providing the energy source to heat the water.

Waste Heat:
In these installations waste heat provides the heat source to heat the water. Hot water is heated, providing energy efficient heating process.

Storage tank:
Vessels are purely used for storage, with water heating taking place in a different process.

Hot Water Vessels


No shortcuts are taken at Macrotec. Vessels build in strict accordance with regulations, making sure our customers stay on the rights side of safety requirements.

All vessels are designed in accordance with ASME 8 div. 1, meaning that we use higher grades of material that is also certified.

At Macrotec we realise that real world conditions are normally less than ideal, thus we provide extra corrosion thickness and use higher quality coatings to ensure that you have no problems down the line.

Since you don’t want to replace your new equipment quickly, we have made it extra easy to maintain your vessels, with a large man-hole opening, and an easy to apply coating system.

If you need a custom port layout, or face size constraints, we can design and manufacture a vessel to your exact requirements. Custom designs can include different materials, thickness, coatings, pressure or temperature ratings, or sizing.

Quality and Reliability is our number one concern, thus we take a few extra steps to ensure quality, such as Dye Penetrant testing of welds, and thickness testing of our coatings.



Hot Water Vessels

Further Specifications

  • Material of construction is SJ355JR
  • Manhole of 400NB
  • A sacrificial anode is supplied with each vessel
  • Two lifting lugs for easy lifting
Hot Water Vessels


All pressure equipment in South Africa is regulated according to the Pressure Equipment Regulations of 2009 incorporated into the Occupation Health and Safety Act of 1983. This includes pressure vessels, steam generators, piping, pressure accessories and more. The regulations include all pressure vessels over a 50 kPa design pressure, but exclude fixed electrical hot water storage (geysers) less than 450 litres and 600 kPa operating pressure.

The regulations require that all vessels (including hot water storage tanks, calorifiers, and vessels) shall be conformity assessed and subject to the requirements as set out in SANS 347.

Any person who contravenes or fails to comply to any of these regulations shall be liable for a fine or imprisonment for up to 12 months.

Hot Water Vessels
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